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A little talk about ART
    Finding  your art works is finding your own approach to an appreciation for the world art culture , for the human being . Art is part of it.  
Art is made to wonder us. To inspire or relax. To learn or explore. To represent a vision or tast. To add colors for our spirit.
    Paintings perform many Functions in the interior of a modern home or office.
- they give individuality;
- create a special atmosphere and comfort;
- they form the emotional background of the room and fullfil it with positive energy;
- they are an effective design element;
- provide the ability to manipulate space. They visually expand the interior space of the room or give a       central place to the room;
- help to unify and complete the design of the room;
- they emphasize and enhance the chosen style;
- bring an element of luxury to the interior.
      What can I do with it  
  - create a new design , decorate a place , add a new energy , add an artistic atmosphere.
  - if you do tired of some art piece , simply put it in different place to create a new design or to store it          for awhile to discover it late again.  It is transferable and storable. 
  - art piece its a great gifts  for celebrations, Birthdays, Weddings, New homes.
  - you can be an art collector. By artworks collect your story and favorite moments. 
  - its resalable in art stores, auctions, galleries.
  - can be pass on to family members, children.
  - can be donated . - can be invested.
  - can be the object of your impression & admiration for your family and friends.
  - can be enjoyed through the life.                      IK.
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