egan painting and experimenting in 2014 with various techniques and styles Inga Kash (Kashutina)  is self -taught artist. Grew up in Ukraine she moved to The Netherlands after her marriage. Now she lives in Belgium.
     She inspired by combinations of colors from the nature and things around her. To create her paintings usually she uses palette knives, brushes , acrylic paints  and canvases.

    About  photography says her friend ...Her photographs are made during the process of creating her other art: abstract oil and acrylic paintings. When she is working on a canvas, applying layers of color and texture,she is often startled by specific, unique moments that occur during the creation of the piece. These moments are fleeting and have such a sense of mystery about them that she feels compelled to grab her camera and capture them. The resulting images become both a documentation of the painting process, as well as being works of art on their own. She select the best of these images and print them on metallic pearl paper, using high-quality pigment inks.






In Cartagena,Columbia.    in Marin county, California

I do paintings to decorate rooms. To create unique atmosphere, that brings a little more colorful, playful and creative spirit every day. To create art for the soul.

The abstract works I create it is world of my travels, visions, techniques and ideas. I like work with colors, textures and shapes."       Inga Kash, artist