Recommendation of taking care of Paintings, photography.     

        Keep the paintings of:

  • direct sun light,( to avoid discolor or melting of picture. 

  • extreme temperature (too hot,cold,dry).

  • humidity.

  • busy furnished places.

  • Paintings on canvas my be lightly brushed with a feather duster or soft brush to remove dust. ( no water, no chemicals).


  • to storage should be :

  •  storage in same conditions as would be hang.

  •  covers with cotton or carton  sheets.

  •  put carton or ply dividers  between the paintings to avoid pressure. 

  •  raised of the floor to allow air flow and to protect them from water damage. 

  •  choose  interior walls rather than exterior walls for stacking your stored paintings,they are drier. 

  •  respect the art work.

  • light 

  • it personal style preference. It my be a battery- powered picture light. The size of light for  small and medium size paintings its : half of the frame. For big size paintings it my be 2/3 of frame.


  • The artworks are not returnable.

  • Louvre or leave it.