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art3f Brussels .


  Paintings and Photography 

  exhibited  15-17 Nov 2019 during Belgium Art3F





mix media on canvas

80x100 cm

Perl of the Ocean, the Bora-Bora island is unique ''Piece of jewelry'' surrounded by powerful water.  I tried to show its richness and brightness.

''In Space''

'In Space''

mix media on canvas


'Inspiration to create this painting it is the exploration of the Space  on the canvas. Its depth and transparency. Its amazing objects and shapes. Endless shades and structures.''
''Bora-Bora'',acrylic on canvas,101x76cm


acrylic on canvas

101x76 cm



mix media on canvas


"Mountain lake"

''Mountain lake''

mix made on canvas

91x61 cm

Framed photo print.

 Framed photography

''In Space''



''Sun Set''

'''Sun set''

mix media


Framed photography
Framed photography


Set of three. framed photo print.

Framed photography

Set of three

25,5x25,5 each

Framed photography
Set of three
53x53 cm each
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