Inspiration  sources, learning, exploring. 


     on the Internet videos & lessons

1.  Bob Ross . lessons.''The joy of paintings''.

2. Gerard Richter.Paintings, videos.

3. Jeff Coons. Sculptures.

4. Dale Chihuly. Glass Artworks. 

5. Vladimir Volegov. Oil paintings.



7.''How to sell paintings,

     how to be an artist''.

8.''Exploring world classical  



    in Magazines

       ''Fine Art''

       ''American art collection''



    in  Books

        ''Great paintings" . The worlds masterpieces explored and explained.

        ''Art that changed The World" . Transformative art movements and                 the paintings that inspired them.

        ''Steal like an artist'' Austin Kleon.

        ''Creating a heathy life'' Howard Murad.

        ''RAFA my story'' Rafael Nadal with John Carlin.

    in Museums 

         of The World

         one of my favorite museums:

   ''Maurits" in The Hague, In Holland.

   ''The Louvre'' in Paris,France

   "J.Paul Getty'' in Los Angeles ,USA

   ''Chihuly Garden and Glass'' in Seattle ,USA



"I make art to decorate the rooms. To create an atmosphere, that brings a little more colorful, playful and creative spirit every day.

The abstract works I create it is world of my travels, visions, fantasies and ideas. I love work with the colors, textures and shapes." 


''Thanks to my supporters!'' (Tom Bestor,Roland Maessen, Julia Radosti).      


                                   Inga Kash