Feb - March 2020

Kunst magazine .Feb-March
''The rainbow game''

Inspired by visiting Yellowstone National park and by nature in rainy day ,by rainbow.

 Painting made in Artist style created in 2016.  Technique ''rainbow drops'' 

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152x122 cm abstract  Painting ''The rain

''The rainbow game'' Jan 2017.

152x122 cm 

mix media on canvas

''The Cave''. 152x122cm. Acrylic
''The Cave''
 152 x 122 cm
 acrylic on canvas
 Inga Kash
   Kash is proud to present the artwork that reflect both her artistic temperament and the joyous spirit of the traveling. ''The cave'' was inspired by a visit to a cent in the Yucatan region of Mexico. These sinkholes are formed when the roof of a limestone cavern collapses, allowing rainwater  to pour in, creating a pool at its base. Kash's  interpretation of her exploration of this cenote is a riot of color. A shaft of light pours through the opening , highlighting the agglomeration of minerals that were  mixed and dispersed when the stone roof fell and shattered as it impacted the cave floor. The energy of the painting is undeniable, with a sparking pool of cerulean and verdant tones surrounded by mineral reds, oranges and umbers, drawing the viewer deeper and deeper into ''The Cave".
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