Frame 42.5x32.5x3.5 cm set

Frame 42.5x32,5x3.5 cm set

Set of six framed photographs.

Frame 45x35x0.3cm

frame 53x53x4.5cm

frame 53x53x4.5cm

Frame 25,5x25,5x4.5 cm

total wall size 4,5x110 m Set of 19 pieces

frame photo 25.5x25.5.x4.5 cm painting 61x51x4 cm

frame photo 42.5x 32.5 cm.90 euro each. painting 76x61x4 cm

frame 52x42x3.5 Wall size 2x0.70m

frame 34x29x3 cm

frame 34x29 cm

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